I’m Much More Well Traveled Than I Am :

I do not know how you dream, gentle Reader, but for myself I dream in cycles. By which I mean, I have periods of time – weeks, months – where I do not have any dreams that I can particularly recall, followed by a time where I have very vivid dreams I can hardly bear to leave, or cannot wait to escape.

In these dream-rich episodes, I have lived many lives. Not specific lives, or famous lives – nothing the past-life regression charlatans would have you believe (which is not to discount the merits of genuine past-life regression).

I know things there, in this dream world. I know the substance and texture of things, the laws and repercussions in completely foreign environments. It is during these times that I frequently have the confusion upon waking which life is the real one.

At these times, I’m given to wonder if this is part of the shared human experience. If I dream of an event and a place and it’s so completely real and I experience it and it becomes a memory, even though it’s genuinely outside of any possible experience I could ever have had, is it not possible that I’m experiencing some sort of real events like an amusement park ride? And possibly my lifetime of experiences are currently a ride/shared experience for others?

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